Other Countries

Soil for Life is proud to be sharing its knowledge with Ndalo Heritage Trust in Kenya and WE-FOR-HER Initiative in Uganda.

Ndalo uses a bottom-up approach to educate expectant mothers and the wider community on the nutritional and developmental needs of children – from conception to their second birthday. This 1,000-day period is the optimal window for establishing a solid and healthy foundation for a child’s physical, psychological, and emotional development and well-being.

Soil for Life’s training is being used to teach expectant mothers and the broader community how to grow food naturally and sustainably. The training works in parallel with Ndalo’s core programmes that teach the fundamentals of maternal, infant, and child nutrition and development and provide beneficiaries with practical skills in child care, child stimulation, and self-care.

We are very proud to be sharing our training materials with WE-FOR-HER Initiative in Uganda

WE-FOR-HER Initiative (WFHI) is a non-profit organization that is deeply committed to improving the lives of young girls and women in Uganda to bring real and lasting change. Their programmes include entrepreneurship and livelihood enhancement, education support, mental health and mindset change, and improved access to equal rights.

All of their programmes aim to empower women and young girls with skills to overcome barriers that impede their social and economic well-being.

Having access to Soil for Life’s training materials will strengthen WFHI’s capacity to deliver agricultural programmes alongside complementary skills-development initiatives intended to enhance livelihoods.

This exciting partnership sees Soil for Life’s footprint expand to a second African country.