Home Food Gardening & Basic Health Programme

7,065 of the people trained since 2002 are home food gardeners.

Our Home Food Gardening & Basic Health Programme teaches people how to grow healthy, safe food right outside their backdoors. While learning how to grow food, they also gain basic information about health and nutrition.

The 12-week training programme takes place in communities with groups of gardeners who live close to one another. This lays the foundation for developing community-based networks and support systems.

During the programme, home gardeners are taught how to build soil, grow food, and use the waste around them as valuable resources in their gardens.

Soil for Life provide seed, seedlings, compost, and mulch to get the gardens going and the gardeners are taught how to plan and provide for their own future garden inputs with little or no money being spent.

All gardeners receive regular home visits from our trainers who provide support, encouragement, and advice.

Once formal training is completed, committed gardeners receive 6-months of mentorship and support. They are provided with regular home visits and garden-related incentive rewards. They also qualify to enter our annual home gardener awards.