Home Food Gardening

Home Food Gardening Programme

A total of 5,313 people were trained through Soil for Life’s community-based Home Food Gardening programme between 2009 and 2018.

Growing People

We believe in growing people and endeavour to provide employment and further training opportunities. Several of our ‘graduates’ have become Soil for Life trainers and field workers.

Our Train the Trainer programme started in 2012 to extend our reach and impact. This two year course broadens the knowledge and skills of our most outstanding home gardeners, enabling them to become assistant trainers and support other gardeners in their communities.

Growing Income

We’ve seen over the years how some people become very interested in specific aspects of food gardening, such as growing seedlings, making compost or growing vegetables.

We provide mentoring, training and support as needed so they can explore these areas on a deeper level and potentially generate income. We have a flexible process to enable home gardeners to further develop their skills in areas that interest them, or where they have identified a gap in the market.

We grow income by:

Selling organic veg and herbs


Building garden structures and planters

Making food

Creating crafts from 'waste'

Nursery/gardening skills